Aberdeen ESL Program

English as a Second Language — Diploma Programesl

The Philosophy of ESL Program at Aberdeen is that English is best learned when written and oral skills are combined.

All classes are taught in a communicative and interactive way incorporating as much cultural content as possible. Thus the student is learning not only the skills needed to achieve the goal of mastering English, but also the appropriate context in which to use them while living in the United States. We offer intensive, academic-based ESL classes for students, who receive instruction 4 hours per day, 5 days a week.

* All potential students must take a level placement test to determine the proper level to start class. The placement test is based on the Interchange Third Edition Series.

Instructional Mode or Method

Classroom activities include intensive discussions of English vocabulary, grammar, varied exercises, and the taking of sample tests, all of which are used in a standard classroom setting.

Skills to be Learned

Students' ability to listen, read, and write in English are enhanced through drills, classroom discussions, and exercises. Measurement of students' progress is made each week by means of practice English tests which are timed exams and are taken by all participants.

Length of the Program (Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced ESL)

English as a Second Language (Basic) - 360 hours
English as a Second Language (Intermediate) - 360 hours
English as a Second Language (Advanced) - 360 hours

Sequence and Frequency of Lessons or Class Sessions

Classes meet 20 hours per week (M-F).