Aberdeen Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapy Program — Certificate Program esl


  • Use basic selection tools and edge refinement to isolate and edit parts of an image.
  • Manipulate layers through ordering, positioning, scaling, rotation, and adjustments.
  • Create composite images that demonstrate advanced selection and layering techniques.
  • Prepare images for Web and print output with appropriate sizing and resolution.
  • Apply painted masks, selection-based masks, gradient masks, and blend modes to create sophisticated image effects. Create adjustment layers for editable, non-destructive changes to image coloration and exposure. Set and modify typography using the full range of type tools, the Character panel, and the Paragraph panel.
  • Apply special effects to typography using masks, paths, and layer styles. Use preset brushes and custom brushes to colorize images, enhance images, and build illustrations

Massage Therapy Program Information

Length: 24 weeks, 25 Hours/Week
Total Credit Hours: 600 (500 required, 100 elective)
Total Credit Units: 60 (50 required, 10 elective)

Admission Requirements

Aberdeen College accepts students with one of the following qualifications: a High School Diploma, passing the General Education Development (GED) test, passing the California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE), or passing the College-administered entrance exam. The applicants should also have reached compulsory age to be accepted by Aberdeen College. The compulsory age is 16 years old and above as defined by the State of California Department of Education.